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Guiding and applying for housing improvement grants in the Netherlands and Spain.

Project guidance when multiple disciplines and parties within installation technology or construction need to come together to achieve a desired result.

Case studies for companies or industries. In this, we will together look at the best sustainability options for your company.

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Solar Water Heaters

We have multiple brands of solar water heaters in our range, for heating only and for heating and electricity (TVP).

With a properly sized solar boiler system, you can save up to 40% on your total gas or electricity consumption for central heating and hot water. The systems are modular and suitable for homes, utilities, and industry.

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Heat Pumps

We can supply multiple brands of heat pumps in both high and low temperatures. For homes and businesses with industrial processes.

Because we work with multiple brands, we can deliver quickly, even in these current times.

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Solar Panels

We offer a wide range of solar panels with a solution for every budget and every project large or small. From glass / glass panels to glass / foil and even only foil. Up to 550 Watt power range

To make your project complete we offer a range of home batteries to maximize your independence from the grid.

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Naked Energy

The Naked Energy Virtu system is the most aesthetic solar water heater system available on the market. There are two systems: Virtu Hot: this is a system for generating hot water, as well for heating purposes and domestic hot water.

This year around November the Virtu PVT system will be launched, this system generates hot water and electricity by built in photovoltaic cells.

Both systems are designed for buildings with high architectural standards and are optmized flat roofs and ideally sited to meet heat demand of businesses in the C&I space.

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About Naked Energy

Naked Energy is a British design and engineering company, leading a global revolution in solar thermal and solar PVT technology; its mission is to change energy for good. Naked Energy’s unique technology is designed to decarbonise the heat demand of buildings and support the global transition to a net zero carbon energy system. Heat accounts for over half (51%) of global energy demand and is still generated primarily through the burning of fossil fuels.

Hi, I'm Marc

With extensive practical experience and the knowledge gained from it, I help individuals and companies make steps towards sustainability.

I have gained a lot of experience in sustainable energy for both homes and leisure projects such as campsites and holiday parks.
Combining solar heat with heat pumps and installing solar panels to get as close as possible to zero energy consumption or even exceed it.

At Pruis Consultancy, we work with a small team, which means there is a lot of personal attention for the customer.
We have an office in the Netherlands in Oostkapelle and an office in Benahavis, Spain (Malaga).

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a solar water heater and/or heat pump and the subsidies available, we would love to hear from you.

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